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     Lynn, CA --  "Just a thank you for your kindness to us on today's peacock chandelier & over the sink fixture order.  We appreciated it a lot!  I also want to send an accolade for the fine phone help Tracy provided.  She was knowledgeable, helpful, sweet & above all patient to a possible client who is now sold on your company!  I will be happy to tell my friends about your great service & site! Looking forward to receiving the fixtures.... Have a great week.  Grateful in California & yes, I will send a picture of them up after the remodel."

     Julie, Arizona --  "Just wanted to let you know that I was in the market for a pool table light. I found one on your site but since it was a new site (to me), I was hesitant. I like to make smaller orders from new sites first. I decided to read your security policy and prepared myself for the inevitable pages of "information". It was wonderful to see everything I needed in a few short paragraphs! I wanted you to know that was the deciding point in my search/purchase. Thank you for being brief, honest and to the point."

     Betty, Massachusetts --  "Yesterday the Calla Lilly Window arrived safely by FedEx.  My husband hung  the panel last night and it is just beautiful.   Thanks so much!" 

     Jean, Pennsylvania  -- "I received my order today Item T2431 and am thrilled.  The quality and the beauty of it is just what I wanted for a friend's birthday gift.  I have several of your lights and was always satisfied but I had to tell you how much I appreciated the quality and service of your website.  Many thanks and I'm sure I'll be ordering more soon!"

     Ella, Maryland  -- "Good Morning,  Just a note to let you know I received my order very promptly and the window has been installed. It looks great and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase It looks just like the picture.   Thanks again.  Ella

     Melody, Missouri  --  "My window came and thank you for holding it for me and for the prompt shipping.  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  I went ahead and faux painted my bathroom without having it present to match the colors.  It is absolutely perfect with my painted vine.  I may send you pictures when we get it in.  I am exceedingly happy!!!  Thank you, Melody"

      Karen, Colorado  --  "Thank you for the catalog!  Wow, quite different lighting, but I'm sure it meets more needs of customers"


     Ken, Washington  --  "Everything arrived safely. It looks great.  Thanks, KEN"

     Geoff, UK  --  "Hi, we have just received your light! Thank you,  it's great!"

    Byron, Texas  --  "Rick,  Thanks for all of your assistance with this order.  You have been more than helpful and have gone the extra mile to assist me.  I really appreciate that."

     Gilbert, QC  --  "Thank you for your Tiffany is very nice, and good condition.  Gilbert"

     Tom, Tennessee  -- "thanks rick........you have a great website.   regards,  tom"

     Jim, New Jersey  --  "Had a great conversation with Bob last week. I especially liked the fact that he took the call before "office" hours , as he had time to talk. This shows a desire to serve your customer."

     Laura, New York  --  "You're the best!  I will call you tomorrow. THANKS AGAIN!!"


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